KC Technology, established in 2000, has been working to be a sincere developer and manufacturer untiring in our efforts. Based on the long devoted creation and experience, we have blazed a trail in the skin, scalp, hair and alopecia business field by introducing and applying the video-microscopes technology. Moreover, as the pioneer, we planned out and have been developing the programs to analyze & manage the tested pictures or data, for the first time in the industry.

We have been doing our best in developing much more technically specialized expert image inspection systems for the truest inspection. Our constant achievement enables the most right diagnosis and the best prescription against any kinds of problems regarding skin, scalp, hair-root and hair-shaft, clearly reflecting our philosophy “Honest Products and Customer Confidence First”.   

We highly appreciate all our customers’ reliable supports and opportunities to work for creative ideas; Cosmetic companies, Dermatologists, Trichologist, Professors or Beauty care leaders who have let us keep exploring and maintaining our current business presence.

In order to become a reliable business partner, we are very ready to overcome hardships through the best suggestion and services. Under our philosophy, we will never lose our original passion and management philosophy.

Happily, Welcome to KC technology co. 

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