Mobile Device

Smart Mobile Microscope device L2 for skin or scalp/hair

Features Explanation Additional Explanation
Comfortable Approach To a sensitive consumer or a sharp-tempered customer L2 makes a trichologist or an expert hairdresser comfortably communicate with a customer
Easy operation By simple GUI The icons guide a beauty advisor’s easier understanding and operation
Quick checkup To create new curiosity of consumers L2 helps a beauty advisor shows difference before/after treatment quickly with a quick check-up on skin or scalp /hair condition

Just 40-60 seconds per checkup

4 hearts are shown when it is the best skin/hair condition

Convenient inspection By the stable autofocus Just tap for autofocusing
Checkup items on demand By setting checkup items for required inspection & counselling A beauty advisor can set checkup items required on skin or scalp/hair for consultation
Mirroring Helps a beauty advisor communicate with a customer on checkup immediately L2 has its own WIFI signal. KC Viewer to be downloaded/installed on another IT device receives & shows the data from L2 when the same WIFI is connected.

Please be noted the power consumption is high for this function.

Easier Program Update In connecting to a regional WIFI Users can be checked a new version at the App’s menu and themselves update to the new version when on regional WIFI.
Product recommendation Products can be recommended on the tested result by programming & making new pages for a customer’s ordered requirement. Please send an inquiry with the required details; scenario.

We hope L2 could help your different business by transferring general customers to your regular customers who trust your words and prescription. By using L2, general customers may realize their skin or scalp condition with concern and want to receive regular good care with another more specialized inspection. We hope all our products can help more reliable businesses of our customers.


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