Why KC?

What differs from the others … 

1. Sharp & Right Image Quality

1) We just compare the images inspected by our CMOS camera sensor’s scope and the other company’s CMOS camera sensor’s scope.
We do hope you can feel our big difference on the image solution accuracy.

* Our other CCD camera sensor’s scope provides much more accurate image solution.



2) KC’s image materialization shows differences before/ after treatment more accurately.

before_after cosmetics.jpeg

Tested by our scope model “TS” mounting CCD camera sensor

before_after _by TN

Tested by our scope model “TS” mounting CCD camera sensor

2. Convenience & Expert

1) Our technical lens series make most kinds of diseases can be inspected & understood
without exchanging to the other higher & higher magnification lenses.

2) Reasonable magnification of technical lens series can make a user find out more accurate
focusing & sharp/clear image more easily.

3) Functions & Design for Customer Convenience


before_after _by TS_KPLHT_HP

– Simple & Solid Design

– The streamlined body‘s comfortable & intelligent design

– Built-in the sterilizers for patients’ hygiene

3. Reasonable Budget

– In the same product category, all our lenses and scopes are interchangeable each other.

 – A user can make a whole set of a reasonable system for a business target & budget and go on attaching our other item stage by stage in a business direction.

4. After Service by kcservice@naver.com

– 2 years warranty or 1-year warranty except for accessories.

 – Our CS(Customer Service) & distributors exist for customers’ stable use.

– CS listens to all requirements & comments of customers.

– CS does try all endeavours to fix within 2 or 3 business days except for the duration for checkup & final ex-factory test (Lead time for overseas customers has some difference by the distance between Korea and a customer’s location.)

we are upgrading all our products & systems
for Earth Life & The Next Generation